Personalized Grooming Brand Hawthorne Expands Skincare Line


There’s an unfathomable number of skincare brands lining the shelves of department stores, and just as many online-only companies dominating the internet. But with all these products vying for your attention, we’ll bet you’re most apt to reach for the products you’ve used since college—no doubt introduced to you by a significant other. Probably a bar of Dove soap and CeraVe moisturizer. (Are we close?) There’s certainly nothing wrong with these; they’re gentle and cleansing, but your skincare can do more for your mug. Enter personalized grooming brand Hawthorne.

The direct-to-consumer company launched in 2016, initially with fragrances. Then, it infiltrated other bathroom staples like deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, lotion, and even candles. The most recent launch includes facial cleansers and lotions. To mitigate the risk of blindly shopping for a new signature scent sans smelling and/or knowing the needs of your skin, Hawthorne employs an online quiz, powered by an artificial intelligence algorithm.

You’ll answer questions addressing your skin type (if it’s dry, oily, or sensitive), main concerns/problems (whether you want to open clogged pores, ward off wrinkles, or get a deep clean), hygiene rituals (how often you shower), age, and personal considerations (your personality archetype, drink of choice, work environment).

According to Hawthorne, they’ve got a success rate of over 97 percent, with less than a one percent return rate. Not bad, huh?

Their new lineup of cleansers includes five options, all made with natural (usually plant-based) ingredients:

  • All-Natural Face Cleanser: bergamot, centella asiatica, and calendula clear the skin of dirt and excess oil
  • Sensitive Face Cleanser: centella asiatica, aloe, and glycerin comprise this fragrance-free formula to gently hydrate
  • Dry Skin Conditioning Cleanser: aloe and centella asiatica lightly foam to remove impurities without sucking away moisture
  • Hydrating Face Cleaner: aloe and centella asiatica help cells drink in moisture for skin that looks and feels healthy
  • Exfoliating Face Cleanser: aloe, charcoal, and soapbark deep-clean pores to extract dirt and buff skin

The face lotions work in tandem with the cleansers; each has a complement:

  • All-Natural Face Lotion:  jojoba, shea butter, avocado oil, and centella asiatica nurture normal to combination skin (subtly scented with geranium and chamomile)
  • Sensitive Skin Face Lotion: ceramides, vitamin B3, and aloe calm easily aggravated skin (fragrance-free)
  • Lightweight Face Lotion: sodium hyaluronate, aloe, and vitamin B3 make up this non-greasy moisturizer to balance out oily skin
  • Moisturizing Face Lotion: aloe, calendula, and centella asiatica help normal to dry skin get the hydration it needs
  • Ultra Rich Face Lotion: almond oil, centella asiatica, and shea butter keep this medium-weight lotion ultra-hydrating to help dry skin drink in moisture

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