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Key Takeaways

  1. Lipozene is a well-liked weight reduction complement that incorporates glucomannan, a form of soluble fiber that reduces urge for food.
  2. Lipozene works by absorbing water within the abdomen and slowing the digestion of meals, which sends alerts to the mind that you just’re full.
  3. Preserve studying to be taught if this helps you reduce weight, if Lipozene is protected, and what different weight reduction dietary supplements may work higher than Lipozene.

As people, we’re instinctively pushed to good offers, shortcuts, and fast fixes.

So, it’s hardly shocking we take this identical perspective relating to weight reduction. 

Most individuals don’t wish to hear that the important thing to profitable weight reduction is improving body composition by creating a calorie deficit and lifting weights. 

As an alternative, they need tablets and powders that can assist them shed undesirable kilos with out altering a factor about their consuming or train habits.

And let’s be trustworthy—who wouldn’t need that? 

Assuming a weight reduction complement was protected, efficient, and reasonably priced, why not use it to reduce weight as a substitute of figuring out or altering your food regimen?

Nicely, that’s the promise most complement corporations financial institution on, which is why U.S. shoppers spend practically two billion {dollars} per yr on weight reduction dietary supplements.

One in all their favourite money cows is Lipozene which, based on the producer, guarantees that will help you “Shed pounds with out altering your life-style!”

Additionally they declare their complement is predicated on sound scientific analysis, and yow will discover loads of anecdotal studies of people that declare it helped them reduce weight. 

Is that this true, although? 

Is Lipozene the holy grail of weight reduction dietary supplements—ready that will help you reduce weight with out consuming much less or exercising and with out nasty unintended effects? 

Learn on to search out out.


What Is Lipozene?

lipozene reviews 2019

Lipozene is marketed as a well-liked, scientifically-proven weight reduction complement that helps scale back urge for food.

In accordance with the corporate that manufactures Lipozene, Weight problems Analysis Institute, LLC, it might probably show you how to lose fats whereas persevering with to eat all of the meals you like and with out altering your food regimen or train routine.

The core ingredient in Lipozene is glucomannan, a water-soluble fiber that’s usually utilized in merchandise as an emulsifier and thickener and is derived from the roots of the konjac plant. In actual fact, that’s the one energetic ingredient in Lipozene. 

Glucomannan absorbs water in your digestive system, which will increase emotions of fullness, which in flip helps you eat much less.

Whereas “konjac” could sound unusual to you, it’s already been utilized in one other weight reduction product for years—shirataki noodles—the low-calorie pasta substitute you will have seen in well being meals shops.

Abstract: Lipozene is a well-liked weight reduction complement that incorporates glucomannan, a form of soluble fiber that reduces urge for food. 

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How Does Lipozene Work?

Lipozene is simply the product identify of a elaborate form of fiber. 

We all know, primarily based on observational information, that individuals who eat extra fiber have a reduced risk of being obese or overweight. Plus, consuming extra fiber has numerous different well being advantages, which you’ll be able to study on this article: 

How Much Fiber Should You Get Every Day and Why?

So, it’s logical to conclude that Lipozene would have comparable advantages to different kinds of fiber.

That begs the query, although, why not simply get extra fiber from meals like oats, apples, and brown rice as a substitute of a relatively costly weight reduction complement like Lipozene? 

Nicely, based on the producers of Lipozene, their product provides distinctive weight reduction advantages attributable to its gel-forming properties. Glucomannan, the energetic ingredient in Lipozene, can absorb as much as 200 times its weight in water. (That’s, one gram of glucomannan can soak up as much as 200 grams of water).

For comparability, the form of soluble fiber present in apples, bananas, and oranges—pectin—can soak up as much as round 10 times its weight in water.   

A serving of Lipozene incorporates 1,500 mg of glucomannan, which may soak up as much as 300 grams of water within the abdomen.

This gel of glucomannan and water does two issues within the physique:

In different phrases, glucomannan will increase the majority in your abdomen, triggering receptors within the lining of the abdomen to ship a sign to the brain that it’s full. It additionally prolongs this impact by slowing down the rate at which meals leaves the abdomen.

And the extra full you’re feeling throughout after meals, the much less probably you might be to eat all through the day, which may result in weight reduction.

Earlier than you get too excited, although it’s vital to notice that urge for food regulation is a fancy system that depends on extra than simply how full your abdomen is or how slowly meals leaves the abdomen. 

Quite a lot of other factors corresponding to ranges of the hormones leptin, ghrelin, insulin, PYY and GLP-1, the palatability of the meals you’re consuming, the surroundings through which you eat, and quite a few different components can affect how a lot we eat in a given meal. 

The takeaway? 

Simply rising the quantity of meals in your abdomen doesn’t assure you’ll eat much less.

There’s additionally some proof glucomannan could bind to fats and reduce the amount of energy absorbed within the small gut, thereby decreasing calorie consumption. Nevertheless, this impact might be too small to have any significant impact on weight reduction, and you’ll achieve the identical end result by consuming extra fiber from fruits, greens, nuts, seeds, and complete grains.

One other fascinating weight reduction tidbit is that soluble fibers, like glucomannan, have been shown to feed wholesome micro organism within the intestine. These micro organism produce short-chain fatty acids which can additionally affect urge for food. There’s not sufficient analysis to indicate how a lot this impacts urge for food or weight reduction, although, simply that it most likely performs a job. 

Abstract: Lipozene works by absorbing water within the abdomen and slowing the digestion of meals, which sends alerts to the mind that you just’re full, thus serving to you eat much less all through the day.

Can Lipozene Assist You Lose Weight?

lipozene reviews

What sounds good on paper usually doesn’t work out in actuality.

What’s extra, even when a weight reduction complement works within the quick time period (days, weeks), that doesn’t imply it’s going to work in the long run (months, years). 

In fact, weight reduction is a long-term course of and weight reduction upkeep a lifelong endeavor, so what actually issues is how effectively a weight reduction complement helps you reduce weight and preserve it off over the long term.

So, how does Lipozene stack up on this regard?

In a single five-week study, researchers from the Institute of Medical Drugs in Norway in contrast the impact of assorted business fiber dietary supplements (glucomannan, guar gum and alginate) on weight discount in in any other case wholesome obese individuals.

100 and seventy six women and men have been prescribed a 1,200-calorie food regimen, and randomly assigned to one of many following three teams:

  1. Group one took a complement containing 4,320 mg of glucomannan plus 900 mg of guar gum and 900 mg of alginate per day.
  2. Group two took a complement containing 1,240 mg of glucomannan per day.
  3. Group three took a complement containing a mix of 420 mg of guar gum and 420 mg of glucomannan.
  4. Group 4 took a placebo.

Everybody was required to eat the fiber dietary supplements or placebo 3 times per day with 250 ml of water 15 minutes previous to meals. 

The researchers additionally weighed everybody weekly and required the individuals to return the wrappers of their dietary supplements to show they ate them.

The end result? 

After 5 weeks, the individuals who took the glucomannan dietary supplements misplaced 3.7 kilos extra on common than the individuals who took the placebo. 

There are a number of causes it’s value taking these outcomes with a grain of salt, although.

To begin with, the placebo group misplaced on common 5.Three kilos and the entire different teams misplaced between eight to 10 kilos, which doesn’t make a lot sense. 

For instance, regardless of group one taking 10 instances extra glucomannan than group 3, group one misplaced nearly the very same quantity of weight. One the one hand, you could possibly say this implies glucomannan does assist with weight reduction, however taking progressively bigger doses doesn’t result in higher outcomes. 

Then again, a extra probably clarification is that the themes’ diets have been liable for the variations in weight reduction between teams. Everybody on this examine was imagined to be consuming 1,200 energy per day, but it surely’s fairly probably some teams caught to their food regimen higher than others. 

Whereas the researchers took some pains to verify the individuals caught to their diets, nobody was trying over their shoulders whereas they ate or getting ready their meals, which makes it potential that the individuals within the placebo group ate greater than these within the teams taking glucomannan.

To be honest, although, it might be that the teams taking the glucomannan dietary supplements felt much less hungry, which enabled them to raised keep on with their calorie goal in comparison with the placebo group.

However, earlier than you begin champing on the bit to purchase Lipozene, keep in mind that outcomes like this must be replicated earlier than you may be assured they’re legit. 

And that’s an issue for Lipozene, as a result of these outcomes haven’t been replicated in different research.

A systematic review and meta-analysis carried out by scientists at College of Connecticut discovered solely a slight good thing about consuming glucomannan for 5 weeks. On this case, individuals taking glucomannan dietary supplements like Lipozene solely misplaced a further 1.5 kilos over 5 weeks in comparison with individuals taking a placebo—or about 0.Three kilos per week. 

As soon as once more, it’s additionally onerous to say how a lot of this was really as a result of glucomannan dietary supplements or adjustments in individuals’s consuming and train habits in the course of the examine. 

Different analysis reveals much more disappointing outcomes.

A current randomised controlled trial carried out by scientists on the Medical College of Warsaw discovered that taking Three grams per day of glucomannan for 12 weeks resulted in no weight reduction in obese youngsters and adults.

One other comparable study carried out by scientists on the Division of Medical Physiology and Occupational Drugs in Sweden discovered that regardless of reducing ldl cholesterol and blood strain ranges, individuals who took Four grams of glucomannan per day for 4 weeks didn’t lose any extra weight than individuals who took a placebo.

Lastly, the latest and well-conducted systematic review condcuted by scientists Medical College of Warsaw, concluded, “In obese or overweight adults there may be restricted proof that glucomannan supplementation could assist to cut back physique weight.”

That’s being diplomatic. Actually, while you have a look at the totality of the scientific proof, there’s little or no motive to imagine Lipozene will show you how to lose a lot weight. 

It’s additionally vital to notice that a lot of the research that confirmed glucomannan (Lipozene) precipitated weight reduction lasted solely 5 weeks or much less, whereas the one examine that lasted 12 weeks confirmed it didn’t trigger any weight reduction. This means that individuals most likely get used to the filling results of glucomannan and compensate by consuming extra over time. 

Abstract: Most analysis reveals glucomannan (Lipozene) may also help you eat barely much less and reduce weight over the quick time period, but it surely’s probably this impact fades over time. Even in research the place Lipozene causes weight reduction, it’s usually solely an additional pound or two over Four to five weeks.

What Are The Facet Results of Lipozene?

lipozene side effect

One main good thing about Lipozene is that not like another fats loss dietary supplements previously, corresponding to Hoodia, Lipozene has only a few adverse unintended effects.

Whereas most research reported no severe unintended effects, some studies famous individuals affected by gastrointestinal distress, together with bloating, elevated gasoline, and diarrhea, which is pretty frequent when individuals out of the blue enhance their fiber consumption. 

Three Weight Loss Dietary supplements Higher than Lipozene

If this text has let the wind out of your sails, I perceive.

The reality is there’s no complement that can show you how to reduce weight or construct muscle with out additionally altering your food regimen and train habits. 

That mentioned, there are dietary supplements that may show you how to lose extra fats or construct extra muscle when mixed with a sound food regimen and coaching plan. 

In the case of weight reduction, listed here are three dietary supplements value contemplating: 

1. Caffeine

Caffeine may also help accelerate fats loss by rising the quantity of catecholamines in your blood, which assist mobilize fats shops which may then be used for power. These chemical substances additionally increase your physique’s basal metabolic rate, which helps you burn much more energy.

Caffeine can even have an appetite suppressing effect which can make it simpler to take care of a calorie deficit. 

To complement caffeine for a chronic time frame, take 100 to 200 mg twice a day (200 to 400 mg/day). 

Folks unused to caffeine ought to begin on the low finish of this vary. It’s additionally finest to take this caffeine pretty early within the day to verify it doesn’t intervene along with your sleep. For instance, you could possibly take your first dose at 7 AM and your second dose at 11 AM.

If you happen to’re enthusiastic about a handy caffeine complement that additionally incorporates a number of different substances that may enhance your exercise efficiency, try Legion’s pre-workout complement, Pulse.

Click here to learn more about Pulse.

2. 5-HTP

5-HTP is a precursor to serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter that induces emotions of happiness, and which has been confirmed to increase satiety (fullness) when taken with meals.

It might additionally reduce carbohydrate cravings specifically, and fewer and fewer intense carbohydrate cravings normally interprets into diminished general meals consumption and probably weight loss.

You should purchase 5-HTP as a standalone supplement, however you can even discover it in Legion’s fats burner Phoenix, which incorporates seven different pure substances scientifically confirmed to speed up fats loss. 

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Lastly, you could possibly think about supplementing with epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is essentially the most plentiful and bioactive catechin (a sort of phytochemical) present in tea, and it really works by enhancing the effectiveness of the pure fat-burning molecules produced by your physique.

Particularly, EGCG works by inhibiting catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT), an enzyme that helps degrade catecholamines, which as it’s possible you’ll recall from above, assist break down saved physique fats. 

This inhibition of COMT permits catecholamines to liberate saved fats over an extended time frame, thereby offering your physique a higher likelihood to make use of these fatty acids for gasoline.

It’s been proven to reduce abdominal fat in particular.

You too can discover EGCG in Legion’s fats burner, Phoenix.

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The Backside Line on Lipozene

Lipozene is claimed to harness the facility of a particular form of soluble fiber that will help you reduce weight with out altering something about your food regimen or life-style. 

The reality, as you may think, is kind of totally different. 

Lipozene works by absorbing water within the abdomen and slowing the digestion of meals, which sends alerts to the mind that you just’re full, thus serving to you eat much less all through the day.

That’s the concept, anyway.

Whereas Lipozene has been proven to assist trigger a small quantity of weight reduction over the quick time period (an 1 or 2 kilos of fats loss over Four to five weeks), analysis reveals it doesn’t appear to trigger a lot of any weight reduction over the long run (12 weeks). 

Moreover, even in research the place Lipozene appears to have precipitated weight reduction, it’s potential different components have been actually liable for the outcomes. 

That mentioned, it most likely does have some small profit. 

This creates a query, although: do you have to spend cash on a fiber tablet when you may get comparable advantages from different meals?

I feel not. 

There are many different wholesome, tasty, and filling meals that include not simply soluble fiber like glucomannan however many different vitamins as effectively. It’s probably you may get most or the entire advantages of Lipozene just by following a food regimen excessive in soluble fiber by consuming loads of fruits, greens, complete grains, nuts, and seeds.

And if you wish to get the identical form of fiber present in Lipozene, you may eat some shirataki noodles.

The underside line: Lipozene isn’t going to do the be just right for you. You’re nonetheless going to have to take care of a calorie deficit to lose physique fats. 

And one of the best ways to try this is to eat a healthy diet, comply with a well-designed meal plan, and lift weights. If you happen to’re already doing all of that and you’ll to speed up fats loss even additional, you may take a handful of dietary supplements like caffeine, 5-HTP, and EGCG.

Do this for a number of months, and also you’ll be pleased with the outcomes.

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